This is a factual “comic” telling the story of Kokoda using graphic art . The narrative is based on veterans’ accounts. Details include conversations, actions, and events witnessed by soldiers. A ginger cat appears in the story, befriended by Doctor Vernon, she accompanied him along the track. A hymn sung gently to a dying brother is kept to remind us of individual sacrifice and suffering. With dignity I have included the Japanese perspective; they also suffered in this titanic struggle over the most beautiful and inhospitable terrain imaginable.  Where possible, I have included the languages spoken along the track: English, Japanese, Pidjin and Motu. This is our second in our series of Australians at War. Issue No. 3 follows on this struggle to the defeat of the Japanese at Buna and Gona. Issue No. 4 is on the Battle for Australia. Please order your copies online from © 2012 All Rights Reserved - site by greenhood solutions